The Weight Loss Therapist

The Weight Loss Therapist has helped thousands of people get healthy and fit, while allowing them to take control of their thoughts and take power away from food! 

From individual coaching sessions, to programs to change your relationship with food, to customized meal and training plans, The Weight Loss Therapist has a program that's right for you! 

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The Weight Loss Therapist's Approach: 12 Guiding Principles

1.      We are always in control of our decisions and actions.

2.      Healthful changes should be lifelong, not temporary.

3.      Taking care of our minds is a necessary step towards taking care of our bodies.

4.      We are often our own worst enemy and we stand in our own way.

5.      All of our negative habits are learned, which means they can unlearned and replaced.

6.      We need to prioritize self-care: taking care of our minds, bodies, and souls.

7.      Planning ahead is your best weapon against self-sabotage.

8.      Every journey starts with a first step: all valuable change is based on building blocks and baby steps.

9.      Restriction leads to cravings and gives power to restricted foods.

10.  Our tendency to put ourselves down and focus on the negative keeps us from achieving success.

11.  Food should nourish us and make us happy; not create anxiety.

12.  We are all capable of breaking the yo-yo dieting cycle forever!



"Dr. Seti truly helped me get my life back on track.  With her guidance, I gained a significantly better understanding of my relationship with food, exercise, and healthy lifestyle.  No fad diets here.  I lost 40 pounds and have kept if off for more than 8 years. But most importantly, Dr. Seti has helped me make clean eating and efficient exercise part of my daily routine....I do it without thinking about it.  For these and other reasons I highly recommend her services."

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