Weight Loss and Wellness: The OTHER Thing you Should Know!

If you want to learn more about losing weight, there is no shortage of reading material out there!  But if you look at the core of the thousands of books out there, they are all focused on different versions of the same things- ways to reduce calorie intake, and ways to increase calorie expenditure.  But what about everything else?  I mean we are not machines, right?  We are living, thinking, adaptable beings and life has an impact.  In this e-book, Dr. Seti addresses many OTHER things that play a role in the weight loss factor, such as sleep, water, and meal timing.  She also looks at special foods, milk alternatives as well as providing guidelines for staying healthy while eating out at your favorite restaurants.  And in a special bonus section, Dr. Seti introduces her 5 P's of Healthy Snacking. If you want to learn more about the weight loss equation, this is an e-book you don't want to miss!

E-Book- $14.95


Dale's Raw Bars

 I always prefer making food from whole ingredients and am not a big fan of anything pre-packaged or pre-made.  However, sometimes life doesn't allow for that and that is why I was so glad to find Dale's Raw Bars.  Not only are they packed with 20g of PROTEIN, but they are vegan AND gluten-free and are made with all-natural ingredients.  They are a great option to carry with you or when you need something to eat in a pinch.  You can purchase them via by clicking the icon below:

Quest Protein Bars

My second favorite protein bars are from Quest.  Everyone loves how delicious they are- they will quench any sweet tooth!  But they are also loaded with protein and fiber.  They are a bit easier to find than Dale's as you can get them in many nutrition shops and gyms.  You can also get them online by clicking the icon below:

Try Quest Protein Bars!

Activity Trackers 


When it comes to activity trackers, there is no shortage of options out there, but I like to stick to the basics for data tracking during my workouts.  And heart rate is the most effective data point for measuring your workouts.  So, I prefer the gold standard of heart rate monitors, which is Polar.  Plus they offer Free Shipping on orders of $100 of more!


Health Food

 Thrive Market

 Thrive Market is like Costco for health food!  They offer all the premier natural foods brands at wholesale prices for a membership fee of $59.95.  If you purchase these items regularly, that fee is more than made up for by the savings!  (Just like Costco!).  and it is so convenient as they ship right to your door!