Plans & Programs

Dr. Seti offers many different services to meet your needs.  Options range from direct coaching on weight loss, fitness ,eating disorder support, or health, to customized meal plans or fitness plans, or to complete stand-alone programs.  Below are some of the options and any are available in combination with one another for a reduced rate.

Binge Free for Life: Taking Control of Your Relationship with Food

Dr. Seti's renown program is finally available online in an seamless, self-guided, 8 week program!  Do you struggle with eating?  Do you find you have good days and bad days?  Do you overeat when you are alone?  Are you always thinking about food?  Do you worry about your self-control around food?  Do you hide your eating behaviors from others?  Do you eat feel you eat mindlessly or are numb during eating periods?  Do you feel guilty after eating?  Do you have foods you are never allowed to eat?  Do you feel your negative thoughts get in the way of having a healthy relationship with food?  Do your cravings seem to control you?  

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then the Binge Free for Life program is for you!  Each week, Dr. Seti will email you a different module designed to address different aspects of healing your relationship with food and building your self-control to beat the binge!  You will work on that module for the week and then build on your new skills with each new module.  In just 8 weeks, you can develop more mindfulness, self-control, learn how to eradicate negative thoughts and self-sabotage, and develop a truly healthy relationship with food!

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Do you need a weight loss coach to work with you through your weight loss journey?  Dr. Seti is available to work directly with you one-on-one, through 30-minute Skype Sessions.  Dr. Seti will work with you on whatever areas you need, whether it be food content, exercise programming, emotional eating, dealing with cravings, time management, eating disorders, binge eating, or anything else you are struggling with.  Skype Sessions can be scheduled with whatever frequency works for you. 

Skype Coaching focuses on your needs and is completely customized to you.  Some common focus areas include:

  • Post Partum Nutrition and/or Weight Managment
  • Adjusting to Maintenance after Weight Loss
  • Eating Disorders/ Binge Eating
  • Injury / Illness / PCOS
  • Vacation / Travel Planning
  • Working around Difficult People or Situations
  • Cravings or Problem Areas

Skype Coaching Pricing (30 minute sessions):

    • 1 session- $250
    • 4-pack sessions- $900
    • 8-pack sessions- $1850


Number of Sessions

Are you on the right track with motivation and exercise but feel you need structure and recommendations regarding food?  Dr. Seti can help you by creating 100% customized weekly meal plans based on your needs.  A weekly meal plan is a great way to keep focused and on-track while eliminating the negatives that are often associated with spontaneous eating.  Dr. Seti's weekly meal plans are unique in many ways:

*Personalization- 100% Personalized to you!      - Most food plans take a one-size-fits-all approach.  But we definitely are not one-size-fits-all!!!  That is why Dr. Seti's meal plans are completely customized to you based on your activity level, schedule, and food preferences.  That way you get everything you need out of the meal plan.

* Ease- creating a plan is always the hardest part of getting on track with healthy eating.  Dr. Seti does all the work for you!  You receive a weekly meal plan, shopping list, prep list, recipes, and tips!  All you have to do is grocery shop and cook!

*Convenience-  Includes Shopping List and Food Prep Plans- While many food plans offer a weekly shopping list, Dr. Seti, goes above and beyond by setting you up with a Food Prep Plan for the week.  This is a staple of Dr. Seti's approach as we are often swayed by what is convenient and available.  The Food Prep Plan ensures that you stay on track and limits the impact of bad decision-making made out of hunger and/or convenience.

* Recipes- Great new Recipes- Dr. Seti's weekly meal plan will also include recipes to use for the week in conjunction with the food prep plan.  These recipes are simple and can be made once to be used throughout the week to limit the amount of prep needed throughout the work week.

*Variety- Each week will feature several new recipes and meal ideas that you will use throughout the week.  So week to week you are eating completely different things!  This helps keep you from getting bored of your meals and gives you something to look forward to each week!

*Pre-Planned "Cheat Meals"-  Dr. Seti is a strong advocate of the 80/20 eating principle whereby you strive to eat well 80% of the time.  That is where the "cheat meal" comes into play.  Dr. Seti builds cheats meals into your meal plan in a way that works for you.  By pre-planning your cheat meals, you give yourself something to look forward to, which also helps you stick to your plan.


Meal Planning Pricing:

  • $19.95/week
  • $59.95/full 4 week program

Number of Weeks


Do you just need a workout plan to follow?  There are tons of workout plans out there, so what makes Dr. Seti's plan different?  Again, Dr. Seti offers a fitness plan that is 100% customized to your needs and your goals.  Dr. Seti's monthly fitness plans are unique because they are 100% personalized to you- are you interested in losing weight, building muscle, or simply toning or strengthening?  Are you new to the exercise world or a seasoned professional?  Do you prefer to workout in a gym or at home?  Do you have any injuries or limitation?  Whatever your needs are, Dr. Seti will provide a completely customized fitness plan to help you achieve your goals!

Fitness Planning Pricing:

  • $14.95/month
  • $39.95/3 month program

Number of Months