About Us

The Weight Loss Therapist is Dr. Candice Seti, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Weight Management Specialist, and Certified Expert Life Coach.  This very unique combination of education and training provides the backbone for Dr. Seti's unique approach to weight loss and weight management.  Dr. Seti is able to go beyond simple diet and exercise plan and address the psychology behind weight loss and weight gain.  

Through this approach, she addresses issues like emotional eating, self- sabotage, time management, fear of success, self-monitoring and self-discipline.  Dr. Seti applies this knowledge and approach to all of her therapy and coaching clients as well as infusing it into her meal plan and fitness programs. 

Dr.Seti's unique services include personalized weight loss programs and counseling on eating or nutrition issues, personalized meal plans, personalized fitness programs or any combination thereof.  So, whether you are looking for direct coaching sessions, or just need a plan to follow, you can join the thousands that have benefited from Dr. Seti's unique expertise!


The Weight Loss Therapist's Approach: 12 Basic Tenants

1.      We are always in control of our decisions and actions.

2.      Healthful changes should be lifelong, not temporary.

3.      Taking care of our minds is a necessary step towards taking care of our bodies.

4.      We are often our own worst enemy and we stand in our own way.

5.      All of our negative habits are learned, which means they can unlearned and replaced.

6.      We need to prioritize self-care: taking care of our minds, bodies, and souls.

7.      Planning ahead is your best weapon against self-sabotage.

8.      Every journey starts with a first step: all valuable change is based on building blocks and baby steps.

9.      Restriction leads to cravings and gives power to restricted foods.

10.  Our tendency to put ourselves down and focus on the negative keeps us from achieving success.

11.  Food should nourish us and make us happy; not create anxiety.

12.  We are all capable of breaking the yo-yo dieting cycle forever!